Features overview

Some of the features are explained below but briefly Minicasp includes, professional web design, instant quote and pay, tariff management, private hire managent, contract management, customer management, vehicle management, driver management, job scheduling or allocation, email template, work tickets, text messages, payment gateways, daily backups etc and many more features included in the package.

Our system also have a Google Adwords or PPC tracking system –  to see which keywords or adgroup generated sales along with phone call recording feature.

We are so confident that our system will save you time and boost your sales – if it doesn’t we will give you 100% refund. 

  • Real Time Bookings
    Real Time Booking Management System - Reduce your costs and make your business 24 x 7 accessible to your customers with Book and Pay Online features. Also comes with Instant Online Quote and Pay System, you can manage all the requested private hire in private hire management section with detailed overview about job and customer.
  • Professional Web Design
    Minicasp - Private Hire Booking Software comes with professional web design - you don't need to pay extra for developing / designing your website we take care of all aspects of your business and give user friendly interface to your customers.
  • Business Tariffs
    Manage your pricing with pin point accuracy - you can use mileage or fixed location tariffs or hourly tariffs and combination of any these mentioned. You only need to set prices once with seasonal and discounted journey features and your customer can book and pay online, all you need to focus on operations while website generate sales itself.
  • Scheduling
    You can manage your bookings in our scheduling section, you can see jobs visually in day, week, month or yearly view also with selected date list view, give you precise reporting which days of business are busy and quite, therefore you can utilize quite days and plan busy days with efficiency you can print / email reports for operation purposes, text messages to drivers and quality control features makes the scheduling a time saving tool.
  • Visualize Business Overview
    Visualize your business and see your customers and bookings data at different angles - and take well calculated and educated decisions based on facts and your business data. As more and more data comes from customers and bookings you can easily forget about important factors that's why Minicasp data visualization features comes handy as we critically analyze your system so that you always stay on top of your business.
  • Customer Management
    Manage your customers with taking notes and additional information about their requests; Minicasp have state of the art customer management section where you could store and keep all important information about your customers. You can also ban customers which you don't want to get quotes or bookings, also discount codes for special customers could be managed in customer management section.
  • Sales Boosting Techniques
    Whole idea behind Minicasp was to introduce a cutting edge approach - focused on getting sales, we came up with a conversion oriented booking engine, and a different approach to bookings, customer data and marketing practices - all makes a very intelligent system which increases sales and generate extra revenue with less effort.
  • Cloud Based System
    Minicasp is a cloud based system - it could be integrated and accessed through smart phones and other web based systems. You don't need to be in your office to run your business - all you need is - internet connection and a web browser. Cloud based system also enabled us to integrate Minicasp with Text Messaging, Google Calenders, GPS tracking systems and many other applications. Our cloud based system are fully secured and backed-up every 5 minutes with dedicated and state of the art servers.
  • Mapping System
    Minicasp uses Google map data - which could find address all over the world, you and your customer can search journeys based on street, postcode, city or airport names and our system will recognize pickup or destination location, our system also collect data about customers location to make more precise decisions.
  • Communication Manager
    Minicasp have different communication features, you can contact your customer by email, phone call or text message, our system will store all communication related a job; and notes could be saved for drivers or customer services. Payments, invoice reminders, booking confirmation or quotes all could be managed and customized with easy to use email templates in communication manager.
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